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The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® is backed by decades of research, yet is so simple and natural that parents easily gain skills and confidence to foster healthy relationships and give their children experiences that promote positive brain development, which peaks by the age of three and is largely set for life.

All children’s early experiences mould their brains, and the primary caregiver provides most of those experiences. The caregiver’s choice of words, tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, holding, and cuddling lay the neurological foundation for the child’s lifelong emotional, physical, and cognitive health.

The Program prioritizes families in need of support and is always free.


Our program originated in Toronto in 1984 as The Mother Goose Enrichment Program, developed by Barry Dickson and Joan Bodger and offered under the auspices of the Children’s Aid Society as an early intervention program. Katherine Grier and Celia Lottridge were invited to be part of that program. After the pilot project ended in 1986, Katherine and Celia took the program out into the community as the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program (PCMG), which was incorporated and registered as a charity with the legal name Vermont Square Parent-Child Mother Goose Program in 1987.

Today we also have an active PCMG National Council with the shared goal of supporting the Mother Goose community and bringing the benefits of the Mother Goose program and workshops to more and more families everywhere.



Toronto Staff

Guita Movallali
Executive Director
Jag Parmar
Office and Social Enterprise Manager
Ruth Danziger
Director of Programs and Training

Board of Directors

Samina Hashmi
Joan MacDonald
Allen Karakatsanis
Irving Cho
Mira Adler
Chair Emeritus
Marg Anne Jones
Ana Vrana
Bella Yoro
Uma Gopinath
Mary Argent–Katwala
Jerico Espinas
Open Position

Call for community member for Board of Directors

We are seeking an individual from the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program community to join our Board of Directors.

In particular, we are seeking someone who has had direct experience as a past or present participant in the Program.

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