Self-Evaluation Guidelines ®

For Certification in the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program

Once you have taken a Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® Teacher Training Workshop, you will then need to complete a thirty week Self-Evaluation to become a certified Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® Teacher. The Self Evaluation Process is described in this document.

What is Self-Evaluation?

Self-Evaluation is the process by which you, after taking the 2-day Teacher Training Workshop, co-teach a program for thirty weeks with another teacher who has taken this workshop at the same time or with a teacher who has already completed their certification. You will send in a Self-Evaluation Report (found on our website at once every ten weeks of your thirty weeks teaching (usually a Fall, Winter and Spring term). These reports are designed to help you measure your development as a teacher of the program and give you a structured way to reflect on your experiences. At any time, you can contact the office for feedback and/or support.

Who is eligible for Certification through Self-Evaluation?

If you have participated in a Teacher Training Workshop and received a participation certificate, you are eligible to register for Self-Evaluation. Your co-teacher may also have just completed a Teacher Training Workshop and be registered for Self- Evaluation, or you may be working with a co-teacher who has previously participated in a Teacher Training Workshop and who has some experience working in the program.

Why thirty weeks/ three terms?

Thirty weeks corresponds to the typical yearly program length. Our experience is that it takes a minimum of thirty weeks to gain the skills and knowledge, and appropriate repertoire necessary for teaching the program. For more information on the importance of 3 terms in the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® see the document titled Why 3 Terms of the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program®.

What kind of support do agencies give?

Agencies and organizations can support teachers in a variety of ways including program development, funding for ongoing professional development and maintaining membership in the P-CMGP network. Agency leaders are welcome to contact the National office at any time for more information or with any questions they may have. In some circumstances, a P-CMGP support person in a local agency or regional office may be available and we encourage new teachers to connect locally.

What if my agency doesn’t offer three terms of the P-CMGP each year?

We know that not all agencies and organisations have the funding to offer thirty weeks or, three terms each year. You may take more than a years to complete your certification requirements.

What will I learn?

The practical experience of working with parents and their babies and young children over the thirty weeks of the program will help you to gain skills and knowledge in all the program areas: outreach, observation, responding to parents and their needs, program planning, record-keeping, repertoire, teaching techniques for rhymes, songs, and stories, routine tasks and the structure and flow of the program. Practical experience will also assist you in knowing what to expect from the babies and children in a program that directs its teaching to the adults, and to consolidate your knowledge about the ideas and goals of the program.

How do I start?

Register with us by calling the National Office at 416-588-5234 ext 2, or e-mail us at [email protected] or filling out the Teacher Certification Registration form and the Program Registration on our website at

How do I evaluate my progress?

The Teacher Self-Evaluation form is available on the web site. The Self-Evaluation form will help you reflect on your work as a program teacher and help you set goals for your next term of teaching. We will acknowledge receipt of your registration and contact you to discuss your progress, if necessary. You are also welcome to call us to talk about your experiences and challenges. We love to hear your success stories, too!

What do we need to receive from you at the National Office?

1. Three Self-evaluation Reports – one at the end of each 10-week term
2. One one-page reflection – at the end of your 30-week process
3. One Program report and the statistics from your program – at the end of your 30-week process
We will let you know we’ve received these and respond with any questions and comments that we have.

What happens when I complete my Self-Evaluation?

When you have satisfactorily participated in the Self-Evaluation process for thirty weeks and submitted your one-page reflection, you will receive your Parent-Child Mother Goose Program Teacher certificate by mail. Input from local or regional agencies will be included where possible.

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