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Faranak Program


A delightful Persian Parent-Child Mother Goose program set of books.
The four-volume book set, “Faranak Program” written by Dr. Guita Movallali, Roghaye Koohi, and Tahereh Soleimanieh consists of the following sections:
Volume one: General information about the program and related research
Volume two: Iranian Children’s songs
Volume three: IraLullabies
Volume four: Iranian children’s stories
Perfect for Persian language teachers and parents, dive into Iranian songs, rhymes, lullabies, and stories. Unleash your child’s imagination and create precious memories together!

Shipping and Handling

For all orders over $300, express orders, and orders outside of Canada, please contact 416-588-5234 or [email protected] for shipping and handling costs.

Please note cost variation between provinces

Parent-Child Mother Goose